Anode material for long-life, ultra-fast charge batteries
Batteries take too long to charge. Fast-charging current state-of-the-art graphite anode batteries comes at the expense of cycle-life and safety. HE's nano-carbon (nC) anode material has been engineered to deliver ultra-fast charge performance without these limitations. nC is highly compatible with already existing battery materials processing methodologies and production equipment.
on charge
Results obtained from battery comprising NMC cathode and other standard components with nC anode.
Amorphous structure enables high capacity for Li-ions and faster charging
nC in Li-ion batteries:
stable discharge voltage and long cycle-life
nC-NMC pouch cell:
>5000 cycles at 2 C charge
Happy Electron's state-of-the-art carbon material opens up new possibilities for high-performance Li-ion batteries that offer ultra-fast charging, high energy density and prolonged cycle life.
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